About LED Technology

LED screens have some pretty complicated terminologies to understand. We understand that they are a premium purchase so it’s important that you as a customer are able to make an informed decision and can choose the right screen for your needs. Our handy guides should help to demystify the process, but please feel free to ask us if there’s anything you’re not sure of

LED Screens 101

We’ve made a short video to try and simply demonstrate how LED screens work and some of the industry jargon used. This should help you to understand what we mean by the pixel pitch of a screen, what virtual pixels are, how LED screens go together, minimum viewing distances and viewing angles

SMD LED Screens vs Discrete (Lamp) LED Screens

Many new LED screens use a new technology called SMD LEDs. This video should help to explain the difference between these and the traditional ‘discrete’ LED screens, and what advantages of using them are.


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